Conhuir & Denis Lynn in Belfast- The Scrum Tilly Lush

Here's the brother's Lynn's section from the Scrum Tilly Lush- filmed over two periods in grimey Belfast- the marching season mid June and the chilly season in late November. The most memorable trip out of the entire filming project due to the gnarly days filming during marching and the good vibes from all the fellas taking advantage of the empty riot police van ridden streets!

Conhuir & Denis Lynn in Belfast, The Scrum Tilly Lush. from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

Skedge buch

A bunch more sketch book doodles have been thrown onto the other blog.

Soy Panday & Vivien feil in Paris, The Scrum Tilly Lush

Here's the next installment of The Scrum Tilly Lush - a few sweaty sun soaked days in the French capital with Roy Sunday & his large eye-browed accomplice Vivien Feil and all their muckers.
The sheer scale of this city really does warrant a local guide when trying to navigate from spot to spot, an aul drop of cheap delicious sauce is quite the tonic after a long days ripping in this urban sprawl, good times!
Special props go to Vivien Feil, the silent ripper who was always lurking and keeping an eye on my camera bag while I was too busy to notice, plus he kills it, good man!

Soy Panday & Vivien Feil in Paris- The Scrum Tilly Lush from Philip Evans on Vimeo.


"Why don't you do a nice landscape or somethin nice"
My Da always says that, so I finally did some landscapes based on stills from the vid- but had to "ruin" them by combining them with the sketchbook characters I always draw on the bus.

This is really weird and annoying, even if I flip the image before uploading it just stays upside down?! Ah well, kill the gremlins or do a handstand. There's a few more upside down samples on the other blog.

Lennie Burmesiter in Berlin -The Scrum Tilly Lush

My lieben affair with Deutschland began at the tender age of 16 when I went on a schuleaustauch to the Bavarian town of Wurzberg with a bus load of other Bray cretins. It was quite the pleasant culture shock from the mean streets of the Braytrix to be greeted by smiling blonde beuaries, schools that imposed very very few rules, cheap beer, cheap delicious beer, a language I could kind of grasp and the ever puzzling cigarette machines in housing estates- why oh why were they not vandilised? I mean, they were in the housing estate, just like electricity boxes, there to be wrecked, but these contained smokes! A foreign concept indeed!
I subsequently returned to Germany a few times but had never made it to the capital until I ventured to Berlin late last year for an 11th hour filming mission with local all terrain rumbler Lennie Burmeister. I didn't know a lot about Leonard's skating and was pleastanly introduced to his home city with a savage display of footwork at some of the best spots I have ever witnessed, not to mention the good vibes, cheap beer, cheap wine and cheap beer. Berlin is a pretty inspirational city just to walk around, so many things to catch the eye to the point that I never had time to even contemplate bashing up any cigarette machines.

Lennie Burmesiter in Berlin, The Scrum Tilly Lush. from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

All pretentious arty happenings are being posted on the other blog.

Janne Saario in Helsinki

This guy is the guy- Janne Saario's section from The Scrum Tilly Lush. Stand up gent of a man who persevered over 3 rainy days in Finland's capital to bring you the manual madness below. A lot of the spots are way harsher than they look, way harsh bro. Yeah Janne!

SOMA 10 x 10

In anticipation for a group show I'm involved in this January in the SOMA gallery in Waterford I have been taking advantage of the wet wet weather and indulging my paint nerdyness.

Here's a sample of some of the work i'll be displaying-and with the wet weather set to continue I should be growing this collection a sizable amount before the show opens.

All the canvas in this are 10cm x 10 cm, which is a slight scale down from the last exhibition.

Anyone looking for more info on the work can drop me a mail:

Ruby Ayoub R.I.P.

A few days shy of her 6th birthday my girlfriend's little sister Ruby became quite ill- initially she was diagnosed with swine flu and sent home- again, she visited another doctor, and was once again diagnosed with swine flu, and although she was displaying similar symptoms she in fact had meningitis. As some of you may know time is precious in diagnosing meningitis, and that precious time was wasted with misdiagnosis as Ruby lapsed into a coma and passed away.

All that I can say on this unbelievable tragedy is that people should know the symptoms of meningitis- especially those who have or are around kids, because as we seen with little Ruby, doctors can get it very wrong and time is so so critical. If you scroll to the bottom of this page it takes about 30 seconds to read the symptoms of meningitis and septicemia - please read it.
You can also donate towards meningitis research on the same site.

Howaya Love

I like communicating with Love Eneroth- not due to a particular receptive nature of the Swede, or due to the fact that he looks remarkably like Ed Norton, no, it because I get to use the same colloquialisms as inner city Dublin street traders a.k.a. aul wan's hawking fruit on Moore Street. "Howaya Love, d'y'want any greeepes? Lovedly bananas derrr Love, beuariful Love.." and so it goes.
The guys at WESC have revamped thier website and accordingly have axed me to upload his Stockhom section from the Scrum Tilly Lush, so here ye go Love.

All other new happenings are now being posted on the other blog.

Love Eneroth in Stockholm- The Scrum Tilly Lush from Philip Evans on Vimeo.


I received a copy of a German basejumpers magazine that I somehow appeared in. Stoked!

New film happenings

Here's my newest project I've been working on for the past few months.

"Gibbo" trailer from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

Keep an eye over there for plenty of updates on it.

Also there's a rad article on TSTL in Spain's central zine, it looks rad, but unlike Ron Burgandy's dog I don't speak Spanish so i'll just have to assume that their words are wonderful.

Nick Jensen in London- The Scrum Tilly Lush

Here we have Nick Jensen's London section from The Scrum Tilly Lush. Nick was the first fella to commit to filming a section for the video, and no sooner had he pledged his services he'd got the section finished. The original idea behind the video was to show how various men of plank riding notoriety shred their home city on a daily basis, basically I wanted to show the opposite of a filtered hammer-laden video and give a tangible picture that everyday skaters can relate to. I know I don't go out the door and throw myself down chasms every day and neither do the majority of folk. As a preference I take no greater pleasure than skating around a city centre with my friends and taking in as many spots as I can in one day.

As this was the first section filmed the energy behind the initial video idea was still quite fresh and the section you see below was filmed over a single weekend, with the majority of the footage going down over just 2 days. I wanted to see how Nick really skates, he showed me, and I was very impressed! Channon King even popped up and provided a snazzy guest trick. After filming this section it was way easier to get more radical dudes on board, good show!

Nick Jensen in London- The Scrum Tilly Lush from Philpot Evans on Vimeo.

"Sey sumthin naaarlee" is a rad art collective of a whole range of cats that somehow made the mistake of inviting a spa from Bray for an go grab your mouse and rub it all over their screen as a message of gratitude for spreading the unholy word of Bray.
(radness by Big Stu and the mightly Denise Lynn ^)

Wieger's section

My promotional team have got back to me and told me to upload a section from the vid to try push quarterly sales through the 6 digit mark, who am I to argue- here's Wieger's section, enjoy. Dvd can be ordered right on the right, right?

Click his mug to play.

Video page is here.

Helloooo Newman

I remember when I was on the second trip to Stockholm to finish up Love' section for the vid when he informed me that his photographer mate Ander's Neuman would be joining us. I thought this would be rad, but what particularly drew my attention was Love addressing Ander's on the phone in the exact manner that slightly mulleted not-funny guy Jerry Seinfeld addresses his ficticious fat apartment co-habiter. Why rely on my words when low compression 3 second videos can explain it a lot better. I'm sure Neuman (not Newman) has heard this witty rejoinder manys the time, but its still gave me a silly chuckle none the less. Anyway, after Love warmed up with 7 hours of stretching and we got out for a skate, I still had that phrase stuck in my head, just in the way you have the last song you heard before you've left the house stuck in your head most of the day- except my song went like this.
I kept repeating it to myself here and there most of the day- While unpacking my camera- Hello Newman. While unfolding the tripod, Hello Newman. Love's rolling up to a trick- Hello Newman. Basically any noun that it could be applied to got "Newmanned". What I didn't realise was that Neuman, as in the Swedish photographer, was at the spot right beside me, but the Newman song had long since took its grip on me gob and sure enough I blurted it out a few times in front of the guy until I actually realised that he was Neuman, man I felt like a spa. I really hate when people are overly familiar, and there I was slagging the dude who I'd yet to meet.
Luckily for me Anders Neuman is a rad fella and he seemed to overlook my well worn catch phrases. I'm also lucky as he took some real rad photos when we were out and put together the article above for his mag Transition. So go ahead, click the image above and flex your Swedish skills, you'll be no rival for my fluent tongue I assure you. Tak Neuman!

Below is an article on the vid in Munster's rad new mag [crude]. I'm so stoked on this mag, its first mag that has had skating as just an element of it that I've been stoked on, normally that type of mag is cheesy and broad. Articles on the evolution of joypads to local rippers and to how much of a spa bono really is are all delivered with unpretentious witt. Props to all involved, can't wait for the next issue!
Here's crude's site right here. Pick up a copy if you can, it even has a crossword!

La video experimentale

Do you ever wake up one day and suddenly come to the realisation that you can speak fluent French? If so you've probably suffered a severe brain injury or watched that one old episode of The Simpsons too many times, either way get it seen to. If however, like myself your French focails are restricted to "Jambon fromage baguette avec petit filous si vous plait" then you have to rely on the multi lingual skills of fellas like David, the editor of tres rad free French mag SOMA. I have to take this mag purely on visuals, and from that perspective its one of the most stylish and original impromptou coffee table place mats out there.

Below is an interview in said mag with my French double Phillipe, merci big Stu for the portrait. Look at Cab trying to sneak into the frame, gerrup ourrevit ye pup!

Re: Views

Oooh how I do like print mag reviews- There's elements you just don't get with websites- I'm usually quite apprehensive of opening the mags, I like to be over pedantic with my purchases- the anticipation has me flicking past everything till I find what I'm looking for- and once I found the picture above of he-man coming down the mountain (check out his guns brah') I knew I was on the right page. Thanks for the "Video of the issue" props lads, stoked! The critique mentioned is the most balanced and justified I've come across, and I believe they hit the nail on the head by pinning it down as a project with skateboarding as the subject matter rather than a skate video, which is exactly what I was going for. The whole issue is the best one I've seen in ages- amongst lots of good stuff Love Eneroth has a really rad interview, yeah Love!

I could not have axed for a nicer review from the guys a Sidewalk, what can I say, thanks lads!!


Postman Pat had a rad surprise for me this morning- a couple of issues of Germany's Schmalfilm magazine which this month has a 4 page article of The Scrum Tilly Lush this month. I need to brush up on my Levaing cert Deutsch. Wie komen man am besten zum Bahnhof?Fotos von grosse Stu, portrait von Richart Gilligan. Danke Jurgen!


While on me aul travels in sunny Oz me aul matey Max had the idea of premiere the vid-ya in Melbourne. A bright idea indeed and he was quickly on the case. After a fair amount of shredding around manys the park..
And hitting the streets in the auld bug..

It was arranged that we would coincide the premiere with local legend Morgan Campbell's DJ night at the intimate setting of the radio bar in Brunswick.

Morg's dished out the brews and tasty pizzas a plenty, cheers dude!

The aul phone cam ain't the best in the dark so pics are a little thin on the ground. We set up some fonky rustic sheets in the window and rigged up the projector. After a bit of make-shift framing on the projector the show was on.

A good crowd packed in, including this cat who went by the name of Dr Jay. He's the second full on GP/ripper I've met, this guy in Malmo being the other. He also lived in Cork for a while, random! Nice fella!

The film was shown, brews were sipped and it was quite well recieved, thanks to Max and Morgan for hooking up the premiere and thanks to all who showed up. Until next time..

Check (it) out

The DVD is out now!! All pre-orders have now been shipped. Click the Buy Now button above to securely order The Scrum Tilly Lush.
Please ensure full international postal address is filled out.

Total cost is €11 including postage and packaging.

Dealer inquiries please e-mail



Plenty in the way of propoganda floatin' around out there as Dr. Phil would say, here's some samples from tackyworld, sidewalk & the skateboard mag
Keep an eye out over at & for features on the vid very soon.

Review in from Morgan Campbell all the way over in the land of Oz.

Final teaser right here..


Sweden, a land of social progress where everyone speaks better English than me- 2 premieres, one in Stockholm & one in Malmo- both on at the same time. Unfortunately the flux capacitor was broken so I had to employ the last minute services of DHL to pull off this act of duel city viewing. An envelope went to Malmo while I hoped on Mick O Leary's sardine express to Stockholm. The WeSC store was to play host to the showing, and also host to some artwork from yours truly, Love Eneroth and Ander's from transition.
Nice guy Anders joined us at a couple of the spots when I was shooting with the guys, took some very nice shots, and there they are- you'll see close ups in the mag or on the site, cheers Neuman!
I put in a few 14 hour days to get a piece done for the Stockholm show and was stoked as I just got it finished in time.. here's a couple of scans of some of the elements.

..and here's the whole thing together as hastily layed out on the bedroom floor before hand ..adn at the store

Super nice dude and airplane fixer Eric reppin' a glass o' sauce.
The vid went on (in both ends of the packed shop), and then the sounds system crashed..fwaaaack! Some panic went down, and eventually the problem corrected itself in time for Love's section. Love was real stoked on it which was sentiment enough to bury my stress over the afforementioned sound related hiccup.
The guys in thw We store put out some tea & biscuits, wine and sneaky scotch- cheers lads!
Love petting a pair of croc shoes, Jimmy Nail would be proud.
The idea with the piece I did was that people may interact and try put Love's face together in the centre piece.. my host for the night Simon gave it a blast..
..but couldn't get it done, not even with the help of the mighty el Haneral ^
Apres show, off to the boozer.
The pub of choice not only had darts, pool & snooker in abuyndence, but each table had a board game- Uno was on ours! Board game pub > velvet rope stinky night clubs
Ola Lobeer- aparently this multifacisted kid can do any trick in the world but his knees are so knackered that he bides his time playing online poker for now. another string to his bow is looking 12 years old, as well as managing learning how to speak fluent geailge in about half an hour "manaa, mahaa, magaaa, Ola is aniiim dom" Perfect.
Simon and a fresh pint of technology
"yeah, well actually I have a blog all about culture, realcutting edge shit baby" Around this time Simon held the company of a mullet headed 40 something year old who introduced himself with a great opening gambit "So you didn't win the lottery either" -"Emmm, no, why, what was the jackpot?" "A billion!" Fwack, serious shillings!
2 hours sleep the previous night + gargle = this pic. Rad night!
The next day after doubling my sleep time to 4 hours the previous night we found ourselves in a perculiar lift, coz that's what you do when its cold out, you get in a lift.
Kicking it old schooool
Nice logo! What the fuck!!??
TV? nah, a game of Swedish taboo, yeah! Apart from the odd place name and celeb, I didn't understand the majority of words I had to get my team mate to guess. Every time it was my turn the fingers would go in his lugs while everyone else would translate for me. needless to say I racked up a string of loses, c'mon Ireland! Ole!
After board games we ripped up some mean Karaoke, Eric got top props from my side for stepping up the mic despite only containg half a note in his head, yeah man!
Ola adds another string to his bow in a touching duet.
Onto another public house where I was to encounter a Swedish skateboarding institution..
Jimmy Jannsen(spelling?) (far right, being asked to leave the table by that girl for the 10th time) I'd heard many tales about this cat, all bad, so i was mad amped to finally meet him. Right off the bat he had my attention "Hey, I'm Jimmy Jannsen, I'm a local legend"
Jimmy does the interviews for local skate mag Giftorm "I'm a rock journalist", which had me curious as to the heights this legend was reaching. I inquired as to who the biggest star he'd ever interviewed was. "mmmm, its Chris" - "Chris who?" "Chris, whats-his-name, its the same name as a type of whiskey.." "Daniels? Walker? Jameson" "No, no, its a whiskey in a room.." "What?" "Morgan!" "that's rum dude"
"Nobody fucks with Jimmy Jannsen" Indeed. A master of talking in third person, t'was quite an experience meeting him, cheers JJ!
Ola with a brasser on the way home.
Drink eats
My flight was early enough, so it was decided that bed would be a bad option, so we gunned it right through the night with a board game marathon.
Finally, with my team mate Eric we captured a single victory. I took my zombie corpse to the airport, exhausted, with a grand total of 6 hours sleep in the last 3 nights, I finally got some shut eye on the plane. Though I was wrecked I was very stoked, I'm always made feel very welcome every time I visit Sweden! Thanks to Ricky at WeSC for the flights, Love for the ripping, Simon for the couch and everyone else that made me feel welcome.