While on me aul travels in sunny Oz me aul matey Max had the idea of premiere the vid-ya in Melbourne. A bright idea indeed and he was quickly on the case. After a fair amount of shredding around manys the park..
And hitting the streets in the auld bug..

It was arranged that we would coincide the premiere with local legend Morgan Campbell's DJ night at the intimate setting of the radio bar in Brunswick.

Morg's dished out the brews and tasty pizzas a plenty, cheers dude!

The aul phone cam ain't the best in the dark so pics are a little thin on the ground. We set up some fonky rustic sheets in the window and rigged up the projector. After a bit of make-shift framing on the projector the show was on.

A good crowd packed in, including this cat who went by the name of Dr Jay. He's the second full on GP/ripper I've met, this guy in Malmo being the other. He also lived in Cork for a while, random! Nice fella!

The film was shown, brews were sipped and it was quite well recieved, thanks to Max and Morgan for hooking up the premiere and thanks to all who showed up. Until next time..

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