La video experimentale

Do you ever wake up one day and suddenly come to the realisation that you can speak fluent French? If so you've probably suffered a severe brain injury or watched that one old episode of The Simpsons too many times, either way get it seen to. If however, like myself your French focails are restricted to "Jambon fromage baguette avec petit filous si vous plait" then you have to rely on the multi lingual skills of fellas like David, the editor of tres rad free French mag SOMA. I have to take this mag purely on visuals, and from that perspective its one of the most stylish and original impromptou coffee table place mats out there.

Below is an interview in said mag with my French double Phillipe, merci big Stu for the portrait. Look at Cab trying to sneak into the frame, gerrup ourrevit ye pup!

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