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Oooh how I do like print mag reviews- There's elements you just don't get with websites- I'm usually quite apprehensive of opening the mags, I like to be over pedantic with my purchases- the anticipation has me flicking past everything till I find what I'm looking for- and once I found the picture above of he-man coming down the mountain (check out his guns brah') I knew I was on the right page. Thanks for the "Video of the issue" props lads, stoked! The critique mentioned is the most balanced and justified I've come across, and I believe they hit the nail on the head by pinning it down as a project with skateboarding as the subject matter rather than a skate video, which is exactly what I was going for. The whole issue is the best one I've seen in ages- amongst lots of good stuff Love Eneroth has a really rad interview, yeah Love!

I could not have axed for a nicer review from the guys a Sidewalk, what can I say, thanks lads!!

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