Helloooo Newman

I remember when I was on the second trip to Stockholm to finish up Love' section for the vid when he informed me that his photographer mate Ander's Neuman would be joining us. I thought this would be rad, but what particularly drew my attention was Love addressing Ander's on the phone in the exact manner that slightly mulleted not-funny guy Jerry Seinfeld addresses his ficticious fat apartment co-habiter. Why rely on my words when low compression 3 second videos can explain it a lot better. I'm sure Neuman (not Newman) has heard this witty rejoinder manys the time, but its still gave me a silly chuckle none the less. Anyway, after Love warmed up with 7 hours of stretching and we got out for a skate, I still had that phrase stuck in my head, just in the way you have the last song you heard before you've left the house stuck in your head most of the day- except my song went like this.
I kept repeating it to myself here and there most of the day- While unpacking my camera- Hello Newman. While unfolding the tripod, Hello Newman. Love's rolling up to a trick- Hello Newman. Basically any noun that it could be applied to got "Newmanned". What I didn't realise was that Neuman, as in the Swedish photographer, was at the spot right beside me, but the Newman song had long since took its grip on me gob and sure enough I blurted it out a few times in front of the guy until I actually realised that he was Neuman, man I felt like a spa. I really hate when people are overly familiar, and there I was slagging the dude who I'd yet to meet.
Luckily for me Anders Neuman is a rad fella and he seemed to overlook my well worn catch phrases. I'm also lucky as he took some real rad photos when we were out and put together the article above for his mag Transition. So go ahead, click the image above and flex your Swedish skills, you'll be no rival for my fluent tongue I assure you. Tak Neuman!

Below is an article on the vid in Munster's rad new mag [crude]. I'm so stoked on this mag, its first mag that has had skating as just an element of it that I've been stoked on, normally that type of mag is cheesy and broad. Articles on the evolution of joypads to local rippers and to how much of a spa bono really is are all delivered with unpretentious witt. Props to all involved, can't wait for the next issue!
Here's crude's site right here. Pick up a copy if you can, it even has a crossword!

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