Howaya Love

I like communicating with Love Eneroth- not due to a particular receptive nature of the Swede, or due to the fact that he looks remarkably like Ed Norton, no, it because I get to use the same colloquialisms as inner city Dublin street traders a.k.a. aul wan's hawking fruit on Moore Street. "Howaya Love, d'y'want any greeepes? Lovedly bananas derrr Love, beuariful Love.." and so it goes.
The guys at WESC have revamped thier website and accordingly have axed me to upload his Stockhom section from the Scrum Tilly Lush, so here ye go Love.

All other new happenings are now being posted on the other blog.

Love Eneroth in Stockholm- The Scrum Tilly Lush from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

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