Ruby Ayoub R.I.P.

A few days shy of her 6th birthday my girlfriend's little sister Ruby became quite ill- initially she was diagnosed with swine flu and sent home- again, she visited another doctor, and was once again diagnosed with swine flu, and although she was displaying similar symptoms she in fact had meningitis. As some of you may know time is precious in diagnosing meningitis, and that precious time was wasted with misdiagnosis as Ruby lapsed into a coma and passed away.

All that I can say on this unbelievable tragedy is that people should know the symptoms of meningitis- especially those who have or are around kids, because as we seen with little Ruby, doctors can get it very wrong and time is so so critical. If you scroll to the bottom of this page it takes about 30 seconds to read the symptoms of meningitis and septicemia - please read it.
You can also donate towards meningitis research on the same site.

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