Sweden, a land of social progress where everyone speaks better English than me- 2 premieres, one in Stockholm & one in Malmo- both on at the same time. Unfortunately the flux capacitor was broken so I had to employ the last minute services of DHL to pull off this act of duel city viewing. An envelope went to Malmo while I hoped on Mick O Leary's sardine express to Stockholm. The WeSC store was to play host to the showing, and also host to some artwork from yours truly, Love Eneroth and Ander's from transition.
Nice guy Anders joined us at a couple of the spots when I was shooting with the guys, took some very nice shots, and there they are- you'll see close ups in the mag or on the site, cheers Neuman!
I put in a few 14 hour days to get a piece done for the Stockholm show and was stoked as I just got it finished in time.. here's a couple of scans of some of the elements.

..and here's the whole thing together as hastily layed out on the bedroom floor before hand ..adn at the store

Super nice dude and airplane fixer Eric reppin' a glass o' sauce.
The vid went on (in both ends of the packed shop), and then the sounds system crashed..fwaaaack! Some panic went down, and eventually the problem corrected itself in time for Love's section. Love was real stoked on it which was sentiment enough to bury my stress over the afforementioned sound related hiccup.
The guys in thw We store put out some tea & biscuits, wine and sneaky scotch- cheers lads!
Love petting a pair of croc shoes, Jimmy Nail would be proud.
The idea with the piece I did was that people may interact and try put Love's face together in the centre piece.. my host for the night Simon gave it a blast..
..but couldn't get it done, not even with the help of the mighty el Haneral ^
Apres show, off to the boozer.
The pub of choice not only had darts, pool & snooker in abuyndence, but each table had a board game- Uno was on ours! Board game pub > velvet rope stinky night clubs
Ola Lobeer- aparently this multifacisted kid can do any trick in the world but his knees are so knackered that he bides his time playing online poker for now. another string to his bow is looking 12 years old, as well as managing learning how to speak fluent geailge in about half an hour "manaa, mahaa, magaaa, Ola is aniiim dom" Perfect.
Simon and a fresh pint of technology
"yeah, well actually I have a blog all about culture, realcutting edge shit baby" Around this time Simon held the company of a mullet headed 40 something year old who introduced himself with a great opening gambit "So you didn't win the lottery either" -"Emmm, no, why, what was the jackpot?" "A billion!" Fwack, serious shillings!
2 hours sleep the previous night + gargle = this pic. Rad night!
The next day after doubling my sleep time to 4 hours the previous night we found ourselves in a perculiar lift, coz that's what you do when its cold out, you get in a lift.
Kicking it old schooool
Nice logo! What the fuck!!??
TV? nah, a game of Swedish taboo, yeah! Apart from the odd place name and celeb, I didn't understand the majority of words I had to get my team mate to guess. Every time it was my turn the fingers would go in his lugs while everyone else would translate for me. needless to say I racked up a string of loses, c'mon Ireland! Ole!
After board games we ripped up some mean Karaoke, Eric got top props from my side for stepping up the mic despite only containg half a note in his head, yeah man!
Ola adds another string to his bow in a touching duet.
Onto another public house where I was to encounter a Swedish skateboarding institution..
Jimmy Jannsen(spelling?) (far right, being asked to leave the table by that girl for the 10th time) I'd heard many tales about this cat, all bad, so i was mad amped to finally meet him. Right off the bat he had my attention "Hey, I'm Jimmy Jannsen, I'm a local legend"
Jimmy does the interviews for local skate mag Giftorm "I'm a rock journalist", which had me curious as to the heights this legend was reaching. I inquired as to who the biggest star he'd ever interviewed was. "mmmm, its Chris" - "Chris who?" "Chris, whats-his-name, its the same name as a type of whiskey.." "Daniels? Walker? Jameson" "No, no, its a whiskey in a room.." "What?" "Morgan!" "that's rum dude"
"Nobody fucks with Jimmy Jannsen" Indeed. A master of talking in third person, t'was quite an experience meeting him, cheers JJ!
Ola with a brasser on the way home.
Drink eats
My flight was early enough, so it was decided that bed would be a bad option, so we gunned it right through the night with a board game marathon.
Finally, with my team mate Eric we captured a single victory. I took my zombie corpse to the airport, exhausted, with a grand total of 6 hours sleep in the last 3 nights, I finally got some shut eye on the plane. Though I was wrecked I was very stoked, I'm always made feel very welcome every time I visit Sweden! Thanks to Ricky at WeSC for the flights, Love for the ripping, Simon for the couch and everyone else that made me feel welcome.

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