belly fast

Belfast, a mighty town for rippers agus grippers. The concept bowl was to play host to the show, and host they did, right in the middle of the bowl! Stoked! The Lynn bro's took to a pre premiere shred to the oohs and aahs of our mexican hides, killin it!
T'was a shame to see the first sections leading lady in such high spirits,lucky the flash was so bright you can't make out his 80 year old face! Fitting grip.
Emo goth and Ol' dirdy dickhead.
Ligidy lip Lynn and a magnified Keith Mini Brown (real size here)
Blog lover Denis was all about posing them there back smizzles, his real wans were way better.

The man with the eye that freezes reality Big Stu with his mate from lord of the rings.
The show went down, folk stoked, but where was Denis? Out playing with 2 ladies! Why I oughta!
Back of the good ship Gibbons with friend (NOB). Cheers to Gibbo & Ruthie for the journey. Cheers to the weak sterling for cheap Jameson. Biggest ups for setting the whole deal up to Paul at Concept!

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