Nob and Gibbo, friends and nemesis, fremesis? Cheers to NOB for hooking up the venue!!
So stoked on last night's Dublin showing- rad turn out, real cool group, stoked on the stokedness! The sound almost fugged things up, but after the false start everything went swimmingly.

Stef's pre premiere art show
Eric, J$, and Raggy Boy sporting some fresh curls.
Me Ma was there rippin it up with a beer matt throwing game in the front row.
(V)al Collins cops a feel while Crisp lurks.
DK all day (not in Bray)
Marn Dawg -v- big dog.
When I was in Amsterdam I was asked about this dude- Ronan! The query was where I had seen him last as he used to holiday over there- last time I seen him was lurking in LA on the Berrics, then sure enough, he pops up here, sheeeeed, yooooo!

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