Getting pretty close to the opening of the show this Friday. Plenty of last minute goings on including a death dodging gerbil who underwent surgery, really!
For those thinking of breaking the Friday night habit of a lifetime and not staying in with a footbath, a bottle of plonk and The Late Late Show (doesn't sound too bad actually), well there is an alternative. Place your body in a carraige horse-drawn or not and transport your bad self to the Little Ghost Gallery, Coach Road, Dean Street, Kilkenny. Sure what else have you to do? Oh yeah, the Late Late. Well its me or Ryan Tubridy, they're your only two viable options, choose wisely, but don't choose Ryan, even if he is way better than cyborg phenom Pat Kenny. If I can't convince you then let fresh beats on the night from Luke Broughan sweeten the deal, metaphorically. Not hooked yet? Try Val Kelly's amazing cup cakes, also a deal sweetener, but this time quite literal. If not, then Ben O'Brien's magic interactive props are my last card to play.

I suppose I should attach a picture to this post? A post just feels naked without one. Here's one from the vault. A prop by Ben O'Brien that he threw together for a party in me old gaf, warreh champ!

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