Prrr Mag in Malmo, The Scrum Tilly Lush.

Occasionally i'll have a few knocks, bumps or irregularities that will warrant me to pay a visit to my doctor. This is how the procedure usually goes- I make an appointment, go to the Doc's, sit in the waiting room, get called into the surgery, describe my symptoms, get diagnosed, prescribed further treatment/med, then I leave. Although my doctor may occasionally enquire about my general (non medical) well being she has never ever once busted out a guitar and screamed out a song about feeble grinds or the creature team. Nor have I ever seen her perform a handstand, not once on a skateboard or otherwise. I guess things are different in Sweden because that's what Perrr Mag's doctor does, really. Swedish society man, miles ahead, we gots some catching up to do.

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